Online Safety and Support Sites


With so many people being the target of online attacks, be it harassment, hacking, doxing, and things we don’t even know the names for, here are some websites and hotlines to help deal with the worst of it. Let’s do our best to take care of ourselves, and each other — support can mean everything.

As always, if you know of hotlines or online safety sites or tools that you think should be added to the list, let us know through the contact form.

Hotlines and Support Sites
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

GLBT National Help Center
1-800-246-7743 (Youth line)

Trans Lifeline
1-877-565-8860 (USA)
1-877-330-6366 (Canada)

Get Help Now Crisis Text Line
Text “START” to 741-741

Crash Override Network
An online harassment task-force

Online Safety Advice
Doxxing defense: Remove your personal info from data brokers
Self-Defense in an Online War
What To Expect When You’re Expecting (the internet to ruin your life)
Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications
Doxxing Day? No Thanks, I’d Rather Sleep In
Safety and Security Tips from GamerGhazi
WMC Speech Project

Randi Harper’s GGautoblocker (twitter blocklist)
Block Together (twitter anti-harassment web app)
Alex Hong’s SJW-to-Skeleton (Chrome filtering app)
Twitter Block Chain (Chrome dogpiling prevention app)
Online Abuse Prevention Initiative
C.O.A.C.H – Crash Override’s Automated Cybersecurity Helper


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